Published on 23rd June 2021

Studying at the University of South Wales means you’ll get to enjoy the joys – and challenges – of living in a bilingual country. We have pulled together 10 of the top phrases to help you immerse yourself in all things Welsh, including the language.

Wales has two official languages – Welsh and English. Welsh is a Celtic language and one of the oldest languages in Europe. In 2020, the Welsh language was estimated to be spoken by 28.5% of the population in Wales.

The university, local tourist attractions and shops will have bilingual signage. See if you can familiarise yourself and even speak some Welsh during your studies. Don’t worry if the words look long and confusing there will be the English translation close by. Plus, the locals are very friendly and will be more than willing to help you out.

Before you start practising, some helpful tips and pointers to keep in mind… always roll your Rrrrrs and when you pronounce C and G it is hard, like ‘cat’ and ‘goat’. When speaking Welsh, ALL letters are pronounced, no matter how long and complicated the word might be, so speak with confidence.

10 simple Welsh phrases to try out during your studies:

  1. “Bore da” – meaning, good morning.
    Pronounced: ‘bore-ray-dah’
  2. “Helô / Hylô” – meaning,
    Pronounced: ‘hell-oh / hill-oh’
  3. “Sut wyt ti?” – meaning, how are you?
    Pronounced: ‘Soot-wut-tee’
  4. “Diolch” – meaning, thank you.
    Pronounced: ‘Dee-ol-ch’
  5. “Croeso” – meaning, you’re welcome
    Pronounced: ‘Croe-soe’
  6. “Prynhawn da” – meaning, good afternoon.
    Pronounced: ‘Prin-how’n-dah’
  7. “Nos da” – meaning, good night.
    Pronounced: ‘Nohs-dah’
  8. “Ble mae’r tŷ bach?” – meaning, where is the toilet?
    Pronounced: ‘Blair my-r tee ba-ch?’
  9. Ble mae’r llyfrgell? – meaning, where is the library?
    Pronounced: ‘Blair my-r lluhv-r-g-ell?’
  10. Oes disgownt myfyrwyr? – meaning, is there student discount?
    Pronounced: ‘Or-ees diss-gown-t myrrh-vurr-oo-i-rr’