Published on 24th June 2021

Before you start your new journey studying in the UK, you need to think about what to bring with you from clothes to important documents and charges. There is a lot to think about so we’ve compiled a checklist to help you prepare for your next adventure with us.

Firstly, it’s a good idea to check what is already provided in your accommodation. This will avoid you packing unnecessary items. Typical items that are usually included are larger furnishings such as beds, lamps and storage. It’s worth finding out if any bills and Wi-Fi are included too. There are also many things that you will be able to buy once you are in the UK such as toiletries, stationary and a warm coat to save on that luggage space.

To help, we have put together a packing checklist to take some stress away:

Important Documents

It is important you’re certain you have everything you need to begin studying. Make sure you have completed all paperwork required before your departure. Please check the UK Government guidance on entering the UK.

You must bring with you:

  • Passport and any other form of ID (e.g. driving licence or identity card)
  • Flight tickets, your visa and any other travel documents
  • University documents and offer letter
  • Bank account details
  • Travel insurance documents and contact details in case of emergency
  • Accommodation documents
  • Room/house insurance (depending on your accommodation requirements)
  • A small amount of cash in UK pound sterling

Essential Electronic Items

To help you throughout your studies we recommend bringing the following electronic items:

  • Mobile phone and charger (if you can, set up your phone for use in the UK prior to leaving)
  • Laptop and charger
  • UK adapter plugs
  • Headphones
  • USB stick

Store these carefully in your hand luggage, to avoid any damage.

Personal Items

It is a good idea to bring some personal items with you:

  • Clothes suitable for the British weather (it can be wet and rainy one day and hot and sticky the next)
  • Durable bag for your laptop/university supplies
  • Waterproof coat and an umbrella
  • Medication (check requirements before travelling)
  • Sentimental items