What does "conditional offer" mean?

24th November 2022

Studying a UK university degree is a great way to gain top-quality education and improve your career prospects. The UK application process can be challenging to navigate – let’s find out what different types of offers mean and why they matter.

What to Bring With You When Studying in the UK

24th June 2021

Before you start your new journey studying in the UK, you need to think about what to bring with you so we’ve compiled a checklist to help you prepare for your next adventure with us.  

10 Welsh Phrases to Help You Get By

23rd June 2021

In this blog, we have pulled together 10 of the top phrases to help you immerse yourself in all things Welsh, including the language.

Top Tips: Grocery Shopping in the UK

22nd June 2021

Here in the UK, we have many different options about where you can buy your groceries, snacks and household items. Here are our top 8 tips.

Ready to Explore Wales?

21st June 2021

Wales is a country known for its beautiful landscapes, history, and culture. Here are some of our favourite suggestions of places to explore in Wales when you're not studying.

10 Reasons to Study at USW

18th June 2021

Why choose USW to study? In this post, we look at the top 10 reasons why you should study with us at USW.

How to Study Smart and Produce Excellent Coursework

14th June 2021

Got your first assignment but not sure where to begin? Don’t worry, we have 8 helpful tips to help you plan and produce excellent work.
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